Many of people thinks netbang  is scam cloud gaming service. But it's not a scam. I will tell why. But stay with me. I will tell everything about netbang.

Netbang Cloud Gaming.

I will not waste your time too much. Because I know the importance of time. So directly I will say, netbang is a alternative copy of netboom cloud gaming. But I will say the difference between netboom and netbang.

In netbang you can play pc games without downloading and without having a pc. You can play on android, ios or their website. There is many high end pc games. Gta 5, wwe 2k16 - 2k20, red dead redemption 2, watch dogs and watch dogs 2, hitman, hitman 2, dragon ball z kakarot, Naruto Shippuden, cyberpunk 2077 and many more pc games are available. You can just open their application and play with one click. No need to install. 

Browser Gaming Support Of NetBang.

So you can play pc games on your browser. If you don't have a high end pc configuration. You can just play very high end games on netboom website. Because netbang is from netboom. If you buy subscription you can also use it on the site. It will not ask you to download any game. Just click and play. You can use any device. Like windows, mac, ps4, xbox and any operating system with a browser. But you will not get any on screen controls these time. You have to use keyboard or a controller to play games 

On Screen Controls For Smartphone Users.

If you are using a android or ios. Then netbang us giving you on screen controls. Which you can use to control and play any game. It's good because many cloud gaming service needs a controller to play the game. But we are getting on screen xbox controls to play the game.

Pricing Of  NetBang.

So netbang have only one subscription. Which is for unlimited time of one month. But the pricing are same as netboom. 24.99$ per month, 49.99$ for 3 month and 119.99$ for 1 year. So we can clearly see it's same as netboom.

Buy With Google Play.

Many of you don't have a credit/ debit for master card for e-commerce sites. But you can easily buy netbang subscription with your google play balance. You know there are many local sellers in almost every country who sells google play gift card. You can buy from them. 

Difference Between NetBang and Netboom.

So first of all, there are no difference between netbang and netboom. Except the basic subscription. On netboom there is basic subscription plan, which contains 80 hour of game time for a month. Which price is 9.99$ per month. But this subscription is not available on netbang. Also the interface, login, games and server are same of netboom. Just netbang has the unlimited time subscription. It also has coin system and also has the virtual pc mode.

Is Netbang Copy and Scam.

No, netbang is not a scam. I asked the netboom administrators. They told me it's their alternative service. Which only have the pro subscription. So it's not a copy and scam. Because I have tried this netbang cloud gaming service to play gta 5. My experience was very good. You can easily go for this service. One more thing, if you buy anything on netboom or netbang. You can use the service from both apps. So we can just say, this both cloud gaming is same but the name is different.

Performance Of NetBang.

So it's not very popular. Because all the people know about is netboom. Because it was the first realease of this cloud gaming and have so much users. So netbang didn't become very popular like netboom. People still uses netboom rather than netbang.

You can see my this youtube video about netbang cloud gaming. In the background you can see the gameplay. It was very smooth.

Network Issues.

So the first need of cloud gaming is a good internet connection. You need at least 10 mbps internet connection to play a game smoothly on netbang. If your internet is very slow. Then you can't play smoothly. Because streaming and playing the game in realtime really needs a fast and high internet. My internet is over 10 mbps and i didn't get any lag during my gameplay.

Final Conclusion. 

So you can use both application. I just cleared doubt about netbang cloud gaming. Many people thinking it was a scam. They stole netboom source code and server. But that's not true. It's an official alternative from netboom. You can buy anything from it without any hesitation. So that's all for netbang. It's your choice which service you want to use netboom or netbang. 
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